Smart Sterilization deodorizer

Pet Sterilization deodorizer





Specification :

Brand PETONEER(XIAOMI Cooperation Brand) Material ABS Color White Weight 153g Size 99.6 x 51.7 x 41.5 mm Battery 2200mAh Lithium Battery usage Time About 3 Days Charging Time About 3.5 Hours Working Mode Infrared Timing sensing


[SMART SENSING MODE] Using Fresnel ultra-thin lens and infrared sensing, the real-time sense of pets in and out of the moment, the active release of oxygen after the pet leaves, so that the net taste effect is better.

[24-HOUR LONG-TERM CLEANING] 24-hour intermittent working mode, no need to control the switch at all times, automatically provide oxygen for pet living environment to purify.

[LARGE CAPACITY LITHIUM BATTERY] No need for external power supply,2200mAh large capacity battery, can be used continuously for 3 days.

[SCIENTIFIC STYLE DESIGN ] Three-sided export design allows the oxygen molecules to be released quickly with the airflow, increasing the oxygen coverage.

[CLEAN THE PET TOILET] Ozone has a strong oxidative dual role to destroy the fungal DNA structure. Different from traditional filter scent

masking odor mode, it adopts active oxygen release decomposition technology to neutralize and decompose odor molecules, inhibits bacterial growth and makes pet space cleaner and fresher.

Package Includes :

1 X PETONEER Sterilization deodorizer 1 X Adhesive Metal Patch 1 X Foam Glue 1 X USB Charging Cable

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